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AIRBORNE ROBOTICS is a manufacturer of high-performance drones (AIR8, AIR6, AIR4) based in London and Basingstoke, UK. The group includes AIR6 Systems in Austria and Germany. We provide a professional work-tool for many industries, including surveying, power distribution, wind energy, oil & gas and agriculture & forestry. We streamline time-consuming, data-intensive tasks with our drones and deliver cm-accuracy in Photogrammetry and 3D-LIDAR applications.

Our drones are characterized by:

  • REDUNDANCY: Enhanced fail-safety through at least two electronic circuits for missions in urban areas to comply with the required Operating Safety Case.
  • PERFORMANCE: Unique combination of payload capacity, flight time, power reserve and stability.
  • OPEN PLATFORM: Ability to integrate the best available equipment and sensors in the market.
  • CUSTOMIZATIONS: Our systems can be tailored for specific missions. We serve as extended work-bench for industrial partners who share vision and passion.

Enhanced FLIGHT TIME and PAYLOAD CAPACITY enables customers to use heavy or multiple sensors at one flight thereby maintaining meaningful flight times.

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