Cambridge Sensoriis Ltd

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Cambridge Sensoriis is a UK-based B2B company developing and manufacturing pioneering micro-radar and sensing systems for:

  • Key asset inspections, such as offshore wind farms, power lines, railway tracks, and other infrastructure.
  • Commercial drone automation, including precision landing control in all weather.
  • Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) corridors and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight.
  • Electric flight vertiports, including airspace management and surveillance.

We have proprietary and patented technology:

  1. Active Radar Cooperating or ARC™, which provides localisation capability based upon direct radar range measurement. This is independent of satellites and resilient to jamming mechanisms. ARC allows assured precision landing, including onto moving vessels, and assured localisation during asset surveys.
  2. In addition, our micro-radar support BVLOS flight missions. Our RadarAware™ provides air-to-air and air-ground detection of potential obstacles to flight. BVLOS UAS flight needs detect-and-avoid sensor systems to help with tactical deconfliction in real time.  

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