Atlantic Airways Aviation Academy

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Atlantic Airways Aviation Academy, founded and operated by Atlantic Airways in 2022 with the ambition to be Europe's most advanced Aviation Academy - we look forward to welcoming our first "students" in mid-2024.

Atlantic Airways has operated helicopters since 1994 for scheduled passenger flights and HEMS/SAR/HOIST operations since 2001. Atlantic Airways ATO (previously TRTO) was established in 2005.

We started out using Bell212 (later Bell412SAR) as our primary operating platform but have since 2016 operated exclusively with fully SAR-capable AW139 helicopters.

Our experienced instructors and pilots have flown countless real-life SAR missions in and around the Faroe Islands and Greenland; - Offshore operations in the Danish, Dutch, and UK sectors in addition to Qatar, Iran, and Yemen. 

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