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p>Our mission at Avtrain is to encourage prolific drone operations and keep the skies safe through the highest standards of Training and Certification. Avtrain is Europe's leading drone Pilot and Operator training and certification body, setting the standards for others to follow.

We certify Drone Pilots and Operators for all fixed-wing, hybrid, single and multi-rotor drones in all weight categories for the grant of European Authorisations under EASA regulations. We are an EASA Recognised Entity issued by the Irish Aviation Authority for the grant of Open Category A2 and all Specific Category Authorisations, Declarations & Light UAS operator Certificate (LUC), providing independent verification of compliance up to a high level of robustness.

We use a mix of innovative new online technologies to deliver our training courses, we provide consultancy, risk assessment and deliver operations manual update subscription services. We design our training courses upon a wealth of knowledge and experience that will steer you clear of pitfalls and help you mitigate the risks associated with every aspect of drone operations.

Our team will help your organisation incorporate drones into daily operations. Our drone operations consultancy services include auditing and developing UAS inventories and bases, business strategy, cost-benefit analysis and developing or assessing your operations manual and risks management and protocols. With a vast range of experience in delivering successful projects, we provide your team with the required tools and technical and practical training to run your drone operations successfully. Learn more about our Founder & CEO, Julie Garland in the Speaker’s List.

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