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We are a well-established, family-run, flight simulator company based in the beautiful county of Norfolk, England. Aviation is our passion and we have the technical expertise and a track record to prove it! We are committed to fully understanding each client’s aspiration and turning ideas into reality. 

Uniquely, we offer a holistic representation of the market. Not only do we sell the widest selection of global flight simulator brands (including pre-owned), we also manufacture our own innovative range of custom-built flight simulators and aerospace engineering devices. 

This flexibility enables us to meet the needs of a multitude of diverse clients – from home enthusiasts to the Air Training Corps and professional flight training schools through to colleges and universities.  

University and college clients have realised the benefits of working with Flight Simulators UK because of our experience and expertise in the sector. We have an extensive portfolio of aerospace engineering simulators specifically designed for the Higher Education syllabus from first year students through to research studies.  

Our extensive range of flight simulation hardware and software caters for all budgets starting from the most basic modular desktop devices. At the other end of the scale we have aerospace engineering devices designed specifically for the HE sector. To ensure the longevity and integration of our engineering simulators we guarantee they will interface with "off the shelf" engineering software such as MatLab, Simulink and Flight Gear no need to buy more costly and less collaborative bespoke software programs.

The devices we offer cover the following, and include virtual reality systems:

Auto Gyros

Airships and Hot-air Balloons


Fixed Wing V/STOL



Jet and Turbo Fan Aircraft (single & multi engine)

Piston and Turbo Prop Aircraft (single & multi engine)



We have a full range of dynamic flight motion simulators suitable for the home enthusiast through to professional and academic users. From small units capable of carrying a single seat simulator device up to the full motion 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) units to carry a fully enclosed Airline Cockpit Simulator. 

A range of Military Helicopter Simulators can be designed and built to order.

The HSTD1 Basic Personal Helicopter Trainer was developed because of customer demand. We worked hard to design and produce an affordable high quality rotary wing VFR trainer for flight schools and an entertainment and training platform for the helicopter flight enthusiast and home user. The flight model is based on the single engine turbine Eurocopter AS-350 helicopter.

Additional Models include:

AW109 / AW139 / Bell 206 / Bell 412 EPi / Robinson R22 / Calibri G2 / MD500

It allows the operator to perform all helicopter manoeuvres from hover, hover taxi, quick stops, confined areas, pinnacle landings and even autorotations. The HSTD1 Basic includes the stunning visual graphics of Prepar3D by Lockheed Martin. Fly in every known weather environment.  Conduct helicopter manoeuvres in both day and night settings. Many malfunction capabilities such as loss of tail rotor, loss of tail rotor thrust and instrument partial panel are available as well.

All flight controls including cyclic and collective switches are interfaced to the computer with a single USB cable simple and effective, Plug & Play.

The same single turbine engine rotary wing aerodynamic model is used in our more advanced devices based on the Eurocopter AS-350. The ability to start, perform run up and shutdown procedures were removed for the convenience of operation. The HSTD1 Basic is fully instrumented and includes a GNS 530 WAAS for GPS and VOR navigation and approaches. The heading bug, OBS and radar altimeter is controlled by physical knobs.

The system comes complete with the seat platform with seat, cyclic, collective, anti-torque pedals, hooded instrument monitor with mount, 65 inch LED TV, GPS and heading bug control module and PC computer with pre-installed helicopter and visual scenery software.

Our HSTD1 Intermediate is a new Mini Helicopter is a compact, fully featured single turbine helicopter simulator based on the Airbus AS350B. This system features life size, high resolution instruments, lighted-Bendix/King Silver Crown style avionics, Garmin 430 WAAS simulation, instructor station, and external visual system with large screen display as standard equipment. It utilizes an open and optimized structural construction that is strong and rigid, yet thin enough to fit through a standard door opening for easy transport and integration. The high fidelity flight model allows many complex manoeuvres and procedures, from start-up to shutdown checklists. The Mini Helicopter enables many valuable rotary wing training possibilities.

As well as TV/monitor/projection visuals Flight Simulators UK has a wide range of Fibreglass Visual Dome solutions for simulation which provide complete immersion and realism in any training environment. 

Ideal for Cockpit trainers.

Limited shadowing when using a cockpit.

3 channel system allows greater clarity.

Full HD projectors.

Wrap around visuals using special edge blending technology.

Limited distortion.

DOME made of light composite fibre material.

Easily Transportable.

Modular design means easy assembly

We also have a wide range of Virtual Reality Headset options. 

Come and visit Flight Simulators UK on our stand, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Flight Simulators UK 

Unit 3A Gilray Road,

Vinces Road Industrial Estate,


Norfolk. IP22 4EU

United Kingdom

Tel: 0800368 9026

Email: sales@flight-simulators.co.uk  

Web: www.flight-simulators.co.uk

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