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Hydrogen fuel cell is a power generation system for flight.

The first fuel cell system invented in 1960 was used in the Apollo moon landing program because of its excellent energy density and working stability. For nearly half a century, with the continuous development of nanotechnology and new material technology, the cost and maturity of fuel cells are closer and closer to civil use. Hydrogen aviation technology is a high-tech enterprise established to shoulder this mission. Our mission is to promote the development of fuel cell technology in an orderly manner and gradually open the wide application market of fuel cells.

Hydrogen aviation technology starts with the most advantageous flight products of hydrogen fuel cells to solve the flight time bottleneck of small and medium-sized aircraft. Our UAV fuel cell power system can achieve an energy density of 600-1000 watt hours / kg, which is equivalent to 4-6 times that of lithium battery system. It can extend the flight time of the aircraft several times. Compared with oil engine, hydrogen fuel cell has a 1000-2000 hour service life without complex maintenance and lower purchase and use costs. Because its core part is electrochemical reaction, it has no moving parts, works more stably and quietly, and has better adaptability to temperature and altitude changes.

Our team is composed of experienced multi-disciplinary talents, including experts in electrochemistry, fuel cell, aircraft designer, control system, structural engineering, material science and other disciplines. It can quickly develop and test new technologies, processes and designs. We have the ability to independently produce catalysts, membrane electrodes, bipolar plates, and reactors, as well as rich experience in the design and integration of hydrogen powered aircraft. At the same time, we also provide customers with hydrogenation solutions. The high-pressure and high-purity hydrogen production and hydrogenation integrated machine designed and manufactured by us has obtained the national invention patent.

The civil field of hydrogen fuel cell power is still an emerging industry. In order to rapidly promote the development of this industry, we are willing to carry out cooperation with users at all levels from electric reactor products to hydrogen powered UAV applications, so that hydrogen energy can take us into a clean, environmental friendly and electric free future!

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