Silent Flyer

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Flygildi is developing a disruptive Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), that works like nothing seen before. It looks like a bird and flies like a bird.

Flygildi is an Icelandic company with the sole purpose of developing, maturing, and commercialising a ground-breaking flapping drone solution, named the Silent Flyer. Silent Flyer is a new, truly revolutionary first-of-its-kind Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) built on proprietary, patented technology. Designed in looks and flight pattern to mimic a real bird, the Silent Flyer enables a multitude of capabilities, e.g. high manoeuvrability, silent, unobtrusive, and autonomous flight.

Our goal is to bring to the market a new alternative device for covert and silent operations. The Silent Flyer is not yet available for sale as a ready product. However,we welcome you to meet our team at our stand E-76 and discover a new alternatve, that will soon be on the market.

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